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Video by Cathy Dalton at Ludington Live Local Musicians.



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Click here to listen to an interview with Patty on the September 29th episode of For the Record with Ryne Clarke & Sleeping Timmy on Lowell Radio, 92.3 WRWW.

This writer and multi-instrumentalist in her 20s really shines as a solo artist when it comes to her own compositions...She’s definitely one of this region’s emerging artists to watch...
— John Sinkevics, Local Spins

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About Patty

Described as, "peace, love, and a giant crowbar," Patty PerShayla has a gritty, yet sweet singing voice, and has both explosive and tender moments in her performance. PerShayla grew up around jam bands and started writing songs as a teenager, beginning with parodies and songs about Harry Potter (with performances at conventions such as LeakyCon and VidCon). Also known for her ukulele renditions of heavy metal songs, she placed fourth in the Bushman World Ukulele Contest back in 2013. Patty has performed at Michigan festivals such as LudRock, Wish You Were Here, and Walk The Beat (Grand Haven and Albion).

Patty is a lover of all things Halloween and horror, listening to spooky music in autumn like one might play Christmas carols in December. The Oracle Bones EP has songs ranging from dark, acoustic tracks (trick) to brighter arrangements with ukulele (treat). The first single, “Candy,” includes boomwhackers (musical plastic tubes used to teach kids how to read music) and scolding lyrics like, “I lost all my baby teeth, fangs grew in their place. And you’re bound to get some cavities if you keep chewing bubblegum that way.” Inspired by Alice Cooper’s Welcome to My Nightmare and Edgar Allan Poe’s “The Cask of Amontillado,” the EP also includes a classic Americana murder ballad, “The Horror!” Patty at one point threats, “Your night terrors are my most prophetic dreams, so say your prayers because they baptized me on Halloween,” and she has the certificate to prove it! Also featured on the record are local musicians: Sandra Effert, Brandino Proch (of The Brandino Extravaganza), Nuri Tett (of Hannah Rose and the GravesTones), and Neil Postema (of Hypnotoad).

Combining a love for blues, classic, and roots rock with a modern edge and bite, Patty PerShayla’s full band sets out to bring a fresh and fun sound to the stage that has something for everyone. Drummer Alec Klinefelter’s heavy-handed beats combined with guitarist Lucas Powell’s riff-driven arrangements and bassist/vocalist Patty’s driving rhythms and attitude create a sound so full and hard hitting, you’ll be amazed they’re only a three-piece. As a group of misfit nerds and outcasts themselves, the band brings an authentic approach to songwriting, fueled by PerShayla’s witty and sincere lyrics, focused around internal struggles and self-empowerment (and maybe a little Skyrim). The group is planning to record a full-length record in early 2020.

Although she appears in Michigan breweries as a solo act, Patty also plays bass and sings in the Sandra Effert band, The Ooze & Ozz (a new collaboration with Cønrad Shøck and The Brandino Extravaganza), and Winnow, as well as synthesizers in Catch the Fish: A Rush Tribute.


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Patty PerShayla & The Mayhaps at Founders Brewing’s 2019 Harvest Party
Photos by Sam Cooper Photography.

Patty PerShayla & The Mayhaps at Walk The Beat 2019.
Photos by R.M. Christensen.

Oracle Bones EP Photoshoot by Sam Cooper Photography.