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Described as, "peace, love, and a giant crowbar," Patty PerShayla has a gritty, yet sweet singing voice, and has both explosive and tender moments in her performance. Patty grew up around live music and started writing songs as a teenager, beginning with parodies and songs about Harry Potter but eventually finding her identity as a songwriter. She is also known for her ukulele renditions of heavy metal songs. Although she appears in Michigan breweries as a solo act, Patty also has a backing band and performs with the Sandra Effert trio, as well as a Rush tribute side-project, Catch the Fish.

Combining a love for blues, classic, and roots rock with a modern edge and bite, the Patty PerShayla Band sets out to bring a fresh and fun sound to the stage that has something for everyone. Drummer Alec Klinefelter’s heavy-handed beats combined with guitarist Lucas Powell’s riff-driven arrangements and bassist/vocalist Patty PerShayla’s driving rhythms and attitude create a sound so full and hard hitting, you’ll be amazed they’re only a three-piece. As a group of misfit nerds and outcasts themselves, the band brings an authentic approach to songwriting, fueled by PerShayla’s witty and sincere lyrics, focused around internal struggles and self-empowerment (and maybe a little Skyrim).

Patty is releasing her debut studio record, the Oracle Bones EP, on Friday, September 13th. The Halloween-themed folk EP will include songs that range from dark and gritty acoustic tracks (trick) to ukulele ballads (treat). The release will be followed by a Midwest tour in October and the band will begin recording a full-length rock album in early 2020.


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My Story

People often ask me how long I’ve been “doing this,” and I never know how to answer them.
The short answer? Pretty much always. I really don’t know what else to do with myself. 

Dad with Guitar.jpeg
Photo by Joe Hirschmugl.

Photo by Joe Hirschmugl.

I’ve been around music my whole life. My dad played guitar and shared a lot of great artists with me, including: Sheryl Crow, Bonnie Raitt, The Allman Brothers Band, Fleetwood Mac, and Heart. I’ve been singing in front of people since I was about six and I learned to play piano around the age of eleven. I taught myself guitar at fifteen, which is when I started writing songs, though most of those were about Harry Potter at the time. (Please ask me about my wizard rock accolades.) 

I placed third in the Bushman World Ukulele Contest a few years ago, which led to me learning “War Pigs” on ukulele, to which my brother said, “You can’t DO that!” So I went on to develop my own renditions of grunge rock and heavy metal songs because ukuleles are supposed to make people happy, right? 

I have written many songs over the years, and even recorded some DIY albums. I just finished recording my first proper album, which will be released this fall and followed by a small Midwest tour. I’ve been a full-time musician for a year and almost every weekend I can be found in a Michigan brewery, singing my folk-rock songs and some covers, like “Mercedes-Benz” by Janis Joplin; a tribute to my father.

I have always loved playing acoustic guitar but I fell in love with bass when I started performing with a full band. My intention was to be a singer/rhythm guitarist, nothing more, but there is just something about that feeling in my chest where bass tones hit me, and the energy in good ole rock ‘n’ roll.

Photo by Melissa Cristal-Contreras.

Photo by Melissa Cristal-Contreras.

I am often a hired gun, and have collaborated with some of my favorite local artists. I regularly accompany my dear friend, Sandra Effert, as a backup vocalist, bassist, and guitarist. Every other week, I have a radio show on WYCE, which introduces me to so much new music, especially from the vibrant local music scene in Grand Rapids.

I am very grateful for the things I’ve been able to do so far and, while I have no idea where I’m going to end up, I know I’ll be writing songs about it along the way.