Pulp Fiction

v1. You've got an addiction 
To any and all forms of fiction 
Trying to escape reality 
Is your worst disposition 
So you're an actress and 
You do your own worst depiction 
A walking contradiction, then again, 
What's life without a little friction? 

And when life gives you lemons,
You just blame it on the limelight
If it's on TV, it's not reality
You've got your citrus lips all puckered up
And you're looking to be freshly squeezed
And you just can't see you're based on a true story
Based on a true story

v2. The media people are always talking 
About who or what's to blame 
But 2 months ago, you were begging 
To be critically acclaimed 
And they'll warm their frost-bitten hands 
Whenever you go up in flames 
And 2 months from now, 2 months from now, 
They'll all forget your name*

v3. When the spotlight hurts your eyes 
And you don't have to fake cry 
Look at the mess you've made 
And think, "Was it a fair trade 
For 15 minutes of fame?"**