Pile of Roses

v1. I memorized all of my lines  
Rehearsed in the mirror ‘til got ‘em all right 
We got to the stage and they all went away 
And I know this sounds like a huge cliché, but 

I can see, up on the marquee 
A Broadway play starring you and me 
And when you take your final bow, I promise 
I’ll be the one that’s clapping the loudest 
But I’m too scared to ask 
And so I wear the mask 

You are my favorite actor
Breaking legs and hearts hereafter
I just want you to know
I hope you’re not just a cameo
Oh, no, no there he goes
Another bouquet, a pile of roses
And so the curtains close
I’m just another rose

v2. With that long soliloquy, 
You almost made me believe 
That this wasn’t a performance 
That was the start of my catharsis 

I think we should change this blocking 
Round and round, in circles we’re walking 
I’m a member of your entourage, and 
You seem to think of me as a mirage 
But this apparition 
Is gonna nail this audition*

v3. But there's no plot twist,
No violins, no singing chorus;
I missed my cue
And chance with you

But I am no
Supporting role
This is the end of our scene
And the lights are coming up on me*