v1. Our hands were buried in the snowflakes
But we still do our secret handshake
Your perfectly-sized fingers fill the spaces next to mine, they're intertwined
And if they froze together, I think I wouldn't mind; my oh my 

v2. I'm so scared of heights, but God damn that view 
I feel a chill when I see the bottom
Then melt when I see you
But now and then, I still get a shiver,
But it's just the winter, so
Let's freeze, say cheese, & take a picture 

'Cause ninety-nine point ninety-nine
Percent of the time
My own two feet are the enemy
When I'm walking on the ice
And I'm prepared to fall so would you
Please just fall with me?
'Cause I think you could be
My evergreen 

v3. It's frigid, but you've got me sweating bullets 
'Cause I can't see what's up ahead
And looking back, I am so far away from home, my comfort zone
And all our footprints have been covered by the snow 

v4. And I know the avalanche is coming for me 
Nature plays its hand indifferently
And like branches shedding their leaves,
Well, we all become estranged
When the seasons change
But I'd like to stay the same
Yeah, I'd like to stay the same*