v1. When I'm on the clock, stuck in my box
I just want to poke some holes in the top
So I can breathe and make believe
That constellations are looking down at me 

Oh I'm not at war
And this isn't a prison
I just like to afford
The four corners I live in, but

*Chorus 1*
When I think about it,
I feel so claustrophobic
And I hope that I can make it out somehow

v2. I really hate these packing crates
And how my stuff just seems to take up so much space
Oh this move is overdue
But the only thing that's new is this empty room

I'd like to start over
And keep at a distance
I'd barricade the doors
And burn all my bridges

*'Chorus 2*
And then become anonymous
'Cause I feel so claustrophobic
But I'd probably regret it

v3. I'm covered in layers of skin,
I can't escape it
I'm confined inside my mind
And not even I can change it

Oh I've decided that it's time
For me to just stop waiting
I'm smashing open all the windows
Of opportunity

And if a door doesn't open soon
Believe me, I'll tear down the walls in this room

*Chorus 3*
I need some ventilation
'Cause I feel so claustrophobic
But I'm trying to be patient