v1. When I'm on the clock, stuck in my box
I just want to poke some holes in the top
So I can breathe and make believe
That constellations are looking down at me 

Oh I'm not at war
And this isn't a prison
I just like to afford
The four corners I live in, but

*Chorus 1*
When I think about it,
I feel so claustrophobic
And I hope that I can make it out somehow

v2. I really hate these packing crates
And how my stuff just seems to take up so much space
Oh this move is overdue
But the only thing that's new is this empty room

I'd like to start over
And keep at a distance
I'd barricade the doors
And burn all my bridges

*'Chorus 2*
And then become anonymous
'Cause I feel so claustrophobic
But I'd probably regret it

v3. I'm covered in layers of skin,
I can't escape it
I'm confined inside my mind
And not even I can change it

Oh I've decided that it's time
For me to just stop waiting
I'm smashing open all the windows
Of opportunity

And if a door doesn't open soon
Believe me, I'll tear down the walls in this room

*Chorus 3*
I need some ventilation
'Cause I feel so claustrophobic
But I'm trying to be patient

Nothing Personal

v1. You've got a tendency of bending things
To see if they will break
And I just breathe as you're contorting me
Into familiar shapes

But I can sense you're unimpressed
It's not a talent I possess
To sit back and relax
While I'm being compressed

v2. And I can't stand your ampersands
I'm nothing but an afterthought in your hands
And, up until now, they've all been so compliant
But I'm not comfortable standing in the shadows of giants

*Chorus 1*
And it's nothing personal,
But you are kind of an asshole
And I'm not so flexible
But you align me and confine me to your angles

v3. My reflection is distorted when
I look into your eyes
In your trophy case, you'll save my place
As long as I abide

By your mundane chess game
Glass slippers and Mary-Janes
Another plastic mannequin
In your shop window display

v4. I can't think how it would have felt
Sitting alone, up on your shelf
Waiting for the dust to settle in my lungs
But it's unlikely, so unlike me to patiently hold my tongue

*Chorus 2*
Take your comparisons,
I'd much rather have rejection
Did that catch your attention?
What does it take to finally make an impression?
I wonder

v5. 'Cause you call it a commentary
I say it's unnecessary
If I were to qualify,
I'd hardly even recognize myself

And here, I thought I made it,
Gotta learn to read the fine print
You could open doors for me,
Just not as common courtesy

*Chorus 3*
Don't take my words so hard
Even though each of yours had me seeing stars
And I mean it from the heart
No offense, but I must send my disregards

I can't think how it would have felt
Sitting alone, up on your shelf
So unoriginal
And, up until now, they've all been so compliant
But I'm not comfortable
It's nothing personal

Pile of Roses

v1. I memorized all of my lines  
Rehearsed in the mirror ‘til got ‘em all right 
We got to the stage and they all went away 
And I know this sounds like a huge cliché, but 

I can see, up on the marquee 
A Broadway play starring you and me 
And when you take your final bow, I promise 
I’ll be the one that’s clapping the loudest 
But I’m too scared to ask 
And so I wear the mask 

You are my favorite actor
Breaking legs and hearts hereafter
I just want you to know
I hope you’re not just a cameo
Oh, no, no there he goes
Another bouquet, a pile of roses
And so the curtains close
I’m just another rose

v2. With that long soliloquy, 
You almost made me believe 
That this wasn’t a performance 
That was the start of my catharsis 

I think we should change this blocking 
Round and round, in circles we’re walking 
I’m a member of your entourage, and 
You seem to think of me as a mirage 
But this apparition 
Is gonna nail this audition*

v3. But there's no plot twist,
No violins, no singing chorus;
I missed my cue
And chance with you

But I am no
Supporting role
This is the end of our scene
And the lights are coming up on me*

Pulp Fiction

v1. You've got an addiction 
To any and all forms of fiction 
Trying to escape reality 
Is your worst disposition 
So you're an actress and 
You do your own worst depiction 
A walking contradiction, then again, 
What's life without a little friction? 

And when life gives you lemons,
You just blame it on the limelight
If it's on TV, it's not reality
You've got your citrus lips all puckered up
And you're looking to be freshly squeezed
And you just can't see you're based on a true story
Based on a true story

v2. The media people are always talking 
About who or what's to blame 
But 2 months ago, you were begging 
To be critically acclaimed 
And they'll warm their frost-bitten hands 
Whenever you go up in flames 
And 2 months from now, 2 months from now, 
They'll all forget your name*

v3. When the spotlight hurts your eyes 
And you don't have to fake cry 
Look at the mess you've made 
And think, "Was it a fair trade 
For 15 minutes of fame?"**


v1. Our hands were buried in the snowflakes
But we still do our secret handshake
Your perfectly-sized fingers fill the spaces next to mine, they're intertwined
And if they froze together, I think I wouldn't mind; my oh my 

v2. I'm so scared of heights, but God damn that view 
I feel a chill when I see the bottom
Then melt when I see you
But now and then, I still get a shiver,
But it's just the winter, so
Let's freeze, say cheese, & take a picture 

'Cause ninety-nine point ninety-nine
Percent of the time
My own two feet are the enemy
When I'm walking on the ice
And I'm prepared to fall so would you
Please just fall with me?
'Cause I think you could be
My evergreen 

v3. It's frigid, but you've got me sweating bullets 
'Cause I can't see what's up ahead
And looking back, I am so far away from home, my comfort zone
And all our footprints have been covered by the snow 

v4. And I know the avalanche is coming for me 
Nature plays its hand indifferently
And like branches shedding their leaves,
Well, we all become estranged
When the seasons change
But I'd like to stay the same
Yeah, I'd like to stay the same*