v1. One moment weightless and another, wait listed
The boys and girls are taking turns
To feel the gravity, their heavy new plaything
To feel the weight in Earth's rotation

I wanna leap
From the highest point that I can swing
I'll be the exception
Turn Newton's Laws into suggestions
I wanna breathe
In an atmosphere out of my reach
In heavy clouds, I'm not looking down
From here, I'm upward bound

v2. Now, from this height, it seems you're stilts and I'm trapeze
I'll cannonball into a free fall
And from that altitude, open my parachute
Then descend into your arms again*

v3. My footprints on the moon, but I dug your flag into
The surface, I've determined
If I burn up, my dear, back through the stratosphere
I'll take my chances falling back to you*