Light Pollution

v1. Mimicking
The way I'm breathing
To synchronize your heart with mine
You take my pulse, I'll take my time

To keep it consistent,
Lively, and rhythmic
Though monitors display
My heart rate tracing cityscapes

v2. And oh dear, you shine in the headlights,
While I'm taking hits from the tailpipe
You're all about the loose gravel backstreets
I wanna imprint slabs of concrete

They say it's just a stage
But the stage is not a waning phase
No, I’m stuck in light pollution
But your eyes so bright and lucid
Make me want to stay
On this side of the milky way

v3. A satellite,
I’d lead a happy life
Though I’ll always come around
To see you shine

When orbits align
But on the colder side
I’d know you're where I belong
But still a passerby