Cast Away

v1. I, I feel light
Buoyant and floating,
Though slowly eroding
In good time

And I've seen people kick their feet
Get overwhelmed by the undertow,
Drawn to light through periscopes
Not me, not me

'Cause I am a figurehead,
A driftwood statue, a maiden built from a shipwreck
And I abide by the tides, by the tides that shaped me
And I won’t stay cast away, but I'll face
What lies at bay (x3)

v2. Waves crashing in apathy
Fighting them as lost a cause
As finding skipping stones once tossed
To sea

And it salts my bloody, chapped lips, my spirits dampen,
But I won't scream,
"Wring me out, before I drown"
And let Calypso catch little sight of me*

v3. I charted such
Bright stars in the
Quest for a compass
Won't let myself become this
Submerged thing
Far underneath
The waves
And I won't stay
Anchored in the same place*