v1. I-I didn't know
That you were showing me the ropes
That would soon have me entangled,
Like a damsel on a railroad

I-I couldn't see
You were pulling my heartstrings
Until you left me dangling
Ain't that something, ain't that something?

Maybe it's time that you and I severed ties,
'Cause I'm starting to feel strangled
By the knots in your cat's cradle
Maybe it's time that you and I severed ties
These are thick ropes and sharp words are dull swords
But I'm ready now to cut the cord

v2. "Watch your step," you said
But it's too thin a thread that I tread
No more walking backward, no
It's time to run with scissors

I'll cut loose the noose you braided
Throw on my shoes, secure my laces
I'm frayed, so afraid,
And babe, I'm jaded*

v3. Now you're the reminder
Wrapped tightly around my finger (x2)**