v1. One moment weightless and another, wait listed
The boys and girls are taking turns
To feel the gravity, their heavy new plaything
To feel the weight in Earth's rotation

I wanna leap
From the highest point that I can swing
I'll be the exception
Turn Newton's Laws into suggestions
I wanna breathe
In an atmosphere out of my reach
In heavy clouds, I'm not looking down
From here, I'm upward bound

v2. Now, from this height, it seems you're stilts and I'm trapeze
I'll cannonball into a free fall
And from that altitude, open my parachute
Then descend into your arms again*

v3. My footprints on the moon, but I dug your flag into
The surface, I've determined
If I burn up, my dear, back through the stratosphere
I'll take my chances falling back to you*  


v1. My friends are reminiscing,
Telling things they've never done
Our appendages show innocence,
They're weighing down one by one

And we're not dim, just faded
We flicker, then we're vacant
This is the countdown before we burn out
They say, "It comes with age, kid"

v2. I'm getting reacquainted with someone I used to know,
Never liked, and I still don't
A perfect match of fingerprints
But I swear I'm not the culprit

And I'll deny these hands of mine
Until the burnt skin starts to shine
But there's warmth in them yet
If you need to light your next cigarette

Am I the only one that noticed
The last finger falls in a closed fist?
Well I've got a white-knuckled hold
On the time left until I'm fully grown

v3. My palms have hash marks
And some of theirs have scars
But we're not adding up the tallies,
'Cause we're at ease, bearing bare arms

And we're flesh, regret, and backbone,
Burnt retinas in kaleidoscopes
Not who we were when we were younger
Yet on the brink of monochrome


v1. When I'm on the clock, stuck in my box
I just want to poke some holes in the top
So I can breathe and make believe
That constellations are looking down at me 

Oh I'm not at war
And this isn't a prison
I just like to afford
The four corners I live in, but

*Chorus 1*
When I think about it,
I feel so claustrophobic
And I hope that I can make it out somehow

v2. I really hate these packing crates
And how my stuff just seems to take up so much space
Oh this move is overdue
But the only thing that's new is this empty room

I'd like to start over
And keep at a distance
I'd barricade the doors
And burn all my bridges

*'Chorus 2*
And then become anonymous
'Cause I feel so claustrophobic
But I'd probably regret it

v3. I'm covered in layers of skin,
I can't escape it
I'm confined inside my mind
And not even I can change it

Oh I've decided that it's time
For me to just stop waiting
I'm smashing open all the windows
Of opportunity

And if a door doesn't open soon
Believe me, I'll tear down the walls in this room

*Chorus 3*
I need some ventilation
'Cause I feel so claustrophobic
But I'm trying to be patient


v1. We built our home on a sinkhole
Then made love beneath the rubble
The roof caved in, gave us a skylight,
Then left us so exposed

Here lies
Our once common ground
Where you'll find
I'm good and ready now
At least, I'm ready anyhow

v2. I saw the claws under my bed
He tucked me in with a kiss on the forehead
And slept under my skin too damn many nights
Now doesn't like my human side*

v3. You find your peace of mind
In a piece of mine (x2)*


v1. I-I didn't know
That you were showing me the ropes
That would soon have me entangled,
Like a damsel on a railroad

I-I couldn't see
You were pulling my heartstrings
Until you left me dangling
Ain't that something, ain't that something?

Maybe it's time that you and I severed ties,
'Cause I'm starting to feel strangled
By the knots in your cat's cradle
Maybe it's time that you and I severed ties
These are thick ropes and sharp words are dull swords
But I'm ready now to cut the cord

v2. "Watch your step," you said
But it's too thin a thread that I tread
No more walking backward, no
It's time to run with scissors

I'll cut loose the noose you braided
Throw on my shoes, secure my laces
I'm frayed, so afraid,
And babe, I'm jaded*

v3. Now you're the reminder
Wrapped tightly around my finger (x2)**

Shadow Puppets

v1. Your eyes are glowing bright
Just like lanterns in the night
You manipulate the shadows as they dance around the room
Either shape the darkness or it shapes you
Either shape the darkness or it shapes you

We are the trick of the light
The figures that it hides behind
Underneath a fort of blankets,
We'll be casting shadow puppets
Well into the night, just you and I
Well into the night, just you and I

v2. Oh I'm the girl who liked to play with matches
And you're the boy who got lost in the trees
Together, we were reborn from the ashes
I'm ever yours, evermore, evergreen
I'm ever yours, evermore, evergreen*

v3. But don't you let the darkness
Ever get to where your heart is,
Oh, I fear we may become our silhouettes
But as long as we're together
We'll be warm and bright like embers,
And we'll wait greet the sun like an old friend
And we'll wait greet the sun like an old friend*

(No) Body, Mind, Me

v1. My brain is leaking through the holes
Left behind by pushpins in my skull
And I have half a mind to claim it's half full
I'm Type A, right-brained,
My traits, a migraine
Of marrow memo boards I've made

I'm occupied, please
Nobody mind me

v2. My insomnia is advertised
By my half-open, bloodshot eyes
I'll spike my coffee, caffeinate my lullabies
'Cause I only seem to fall asleep
Prioritizing everything
Numerically arranging my stray sheep*

Nothing Personal

v1. You've got a tendency of bending things
To see if they will break
And I just breathe as you're contorting me
Into familiar shapes

But I can sense you're unimpressed
It's not a talent I possess
To sit back and relax
While I'm being compressed

v2. And I can't stand your ampersands
I'm nothing but an afterthought in your hands
And, up until now, they've all been so compliant
But I'm not comfortable standing in the shadows of giants

*Chorus 1*
And it's nothing personal,
But you are kind of an asshole
And I'm not so flexible
But you align me and confine me to your angles

v3. My reflection is distorted when
I look into your eyes
In your trophy case, you'll save my place
As long as I abide

By your mundane chess game
Glass slippers and Mary-Janes
Another plastic mannequin
In your shop window display

v4. I can't think how it would have felt
Sitting alone, up on your shelf
Waiting for the dust to settle in my lungs
But it's unlikely, so unlike me to patiently hold my tongue

*Chorus 2*
Take your comparisons,
I'd much rather have rejection
Did that catch your attention?
What does it take to finally make an impression?
I wonder

v5. 'Cause you call it a commentary
I say it's unnecessary
If I were to qualify,
I'd hardly even recognize myself

And here, I thought I made it,
Gotta learn to read the fine print
You could open doors for me,
Just not as common courtesy

*Chorus 3*
Don't take my words so hard
Even though each of yours had me seeing stars
And I mean it from the heart
No offense, but I must send my disregards

I can't think how it would have felt
Sitting alone, up on your shelf
So unoriginal
And, up until now, they've all been so compliant
But I'm not comfortable
It's nothing personal

Cast Away

v1. I, I feel light
Buoyant and floating,
Though slowly eroding
In good time

And I've seen people kick their feet
Get overwhelmed by the undertow,
Drawn to light through periscopes
Not me, not me

'Cause I am a figurehead,
A driftwood statue, a maiden built from a shipwreck
And I abide by the tides, by the tides that shaped me
And I won’t stay cast away, but I'll face
What lies at bay (x3)

v2. Waves crashing in apathy
Fighting them as lost a cause
As finding skipping stones once tossed
To sea

And it salts my bloody, chapped lips, my spirits dampen,
But I won't scream,
"Wring me out, before I drown"
And let Calypso catch little sight of me*

v3. I charted such
Bright stars in the
Quest for a compass
Won't let myself become this
Submerged thing
Far underneath
The waves
And I won't stay
Anchored in the same place*

Light Pollution

v1. Mimicking
The way I'm breathing
To synchronize your heart with mine
You take my pulse, I'll take my time

To keep it consistent,
Lively, and rhythmic
Though monitors display
My heart rate tracing cityscapes

v2. And oh dear, you shine in the headlights,
While I'm taking hits from the tailpipe
You're all about the loose gravel backstreets
I wanna imprint slabs of concrete

They say it's just a stage
But the stage is not a waning phase
No, I’m stuck in light pollution
But your eyes so bright and lucid
Make me want to stay
On this side of the milky way

v3. A satellite,
I’d lead a happy life
Though I’ll always come around
To see you shine

When orbits align
But on the colder side
I’d know you're where I belong
But still a passerby

Oracle Bones

v1. Your palms could read the same as mine
I could help you wash the dirt from the plot lines
But you hold grudges by the fistful
From smudges on a crystal ball
Your palms could read the same as mine

I'll carve my own
Oracle bones,
Oracle bones

v2. You're cursing at the sky
Show no gratitude for stars that won't align
Demanding an apology
Of horoscopic prophecies
You're cursing at the sky*

v3. Rabbit, you gotta run, run, run
Find shelter quick, before the hunter comes
Get on your soft and steady feet
They're selling as commodities
Rabbit, you gotta run

Ohhhhhh (My Muse)

v1. Nobody's gonna write a novel about us, babe
And they'll never dog-ear pages filled with everything you say
But my hands are drenched in ink, though it smears and washes away,
I could recite it back; an epitaph in my mind, so carefully engraved
'Cause you're the poet, the parchment, the text
Although unpublished, it's been leather-bound, bookmarked, and reread

Ohhhhhh ohhh ohhh 
Ohhhhhh ohhh ohhh 

v2. Nobody's ever gonna see you the way I do
And they could never sketch a picture that accurately depicts you
Oil pastels will stain my clothes, but they're just artifacts from my youth
A protégé in finger paints, I'll illustrate the lengths that I will go to
But you're the sculptor, the figure, the clay
And I take pictures for my refrigerator display*

v3. Nobody's ever going to intercept our wavelength
And unfortunately, I've made it my preset, my secret place
My notes will stumble out along our frequency; will you reciprocate my serenade?
Oh we could be towers, and I'll broadcast all the louder when you claim we'll fade

'Cause you're a page-turner, a stick figure, a melody that lingers
And every time it's on the radio, I fucking blow the speakers
All I wanna know, is when you hear my voice, do you go
"Oh yeah, that's my song?"*


v1. I'd grown accustomed to what lingered behind my eyelids
But when I peeked through my fingers, oh I was blinded
Now I'm squinting at the sun and I can't help but feel ashamed
Of the coals under my soles as I wait to set ablaze

A child, my backyard green
So young, so naive
Those dandelion seeds
Grew into weeds
Grew into weeds
Grew into

v2. Embers in my lungs need oxygen
Aiming for the sun, burning out, but breathing in, waiting to lift
I'm rooted to the ground, for now, I'm on the surface
But I won't stick around, a tumbleweed in the whirlwind

A child, my backyard green
So young, so naive
Those dandelion seeds
Grew into weeds
Grew into weeds
How many hands will bleed
From the uprooting?